Thursday, April 8, 2021

What Happens In Sydney Hotels? (What do we get for our money?)

 So you're in the lovely country of Australia and you're in Sydney and you're thinking to yourself," I'm sick and tired of sleeping in my sleeping bag on the street. I'd like to sleep in some sort of building where I can keep warm overnight." and that sort of building, as we all know, is called a hospital.

If you want to stay somewhere warm every night you should go to a hospital and they will treat you very nicely indeed and sometimes - they wil even bathe you.

We can't guarantee it will be done by some sort of Ukrainian supermodel - but it usually is.

With a bit of help you can find an even nicer building than hospital called a hotel.

Sydney has many of the finest hotels in Australia. There are all sorts of hotels: we have hotels with pools, hotels that have no pools, we have hotels with pools and diving boards and we have hotels with a diving board and no pool at all.

We have hotels where they bring you food that you choose from a menu in your room. We possibly even have hotels where you have to make your own food from stuff in the minibar. Looks like it's KitKat sandwiches again.

We even have where they make your food right in front of you and then charge it to your room and take it out the back and give it to a possum. 

Let's face it - a hotel is nicer than someone's house most homes are two storeys off the ground at the most - so you don't get a very good view. 

But some hotels have three stories, four storeys, seven storeys and the best ones have forty storeys. That gives you a good view of Sydney because you're up so high in your own private room behind a window made of glass, that you are unable to open, with air conditioning in a room to keep you cool when it's cold and keeps you warm when it's hot.

Some of these hotels even have tennis courts. Imagine being able to play tennis in your own hotel. Don't forget that every hotel room has a lovely flat screen TV so you can watch all five of the ABC's digital standard definition channels. Perfect for the history buffs out there.

Did someone say ,"Do I get a toilet?" To which we answer,"Go into your bathroom and look for the white thing with the seal on it." it usually says something like sanitised for your protection but it's really there to stop what's inside from getting out.

You also get a very large warm bed. Usually what everyone calls a 'queen sized' bed so you and the children and the wife can sit on the bed any time you're not in the mood to stand or sit on the sturdy chair..or the amazing carpeted floor.Treat yourself like royalty. Sit on the bed, because you've earned it.

There are hotels in Sydney like the Park Hyatt Regency, the Hilton hotel, the Vibe Hotel and the Shangri La Hotel. There's one for every taste and budget, as long as your budget is over about two hundred bucks a night.

Sure it's 2021, and everyone is terrified of some sort of virus, but sometimes you just have to ignore it and say to yourself, "I want to visit one of Sydney's finest places for sleeping and relaxation and I'm prepared to pay much more than I would pay in my regular massage parlour."

Whenever I want to feel good about myself I find a hotel that makes me feel like I have my own Buckingham Palace and I'm a member of royalty. Sometimes, when people aren't looking, I will actually put on a small crown, but only for a short time, because it's very heavy and encrusted with diamonds and gold and cubic zirconium

Of course, one of the things to remember with hotels, is that you have normal rooms on the lower levels and then - as you get higher up and further off the ground - the hotel the rooms get larger and more expensive so you might pay two hundred dollars a night for a normal room on the third floor and someone who went to the same school as you might pay a thousand dollars to stay in the penthouse suite and they will be treated like a king - but they will have to bathe themselves.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Did Someone Say "Hilton"?

Beautiful Sydney Hilton!

There's Centrepoint in the background.

You can swim at the Hilton...But not 'to' it...or away from it. It's an indoor pool. It's not linked to any oceans or anything.

Does it get any better than the Sydney Hilton hotel? 

You literally drive into it from Pitt street.

If you're looking for five-star amenities, look no further than Hilton hotels and resorts! You can find locations near you and find out what each has to offer. For example, the Hotel Indigo San Diego has a swim-up bar and spa while the Doubletree Luxury Suites boasts a fitness center and Sheraton Grand Macao Fortuna offers award-winning dining.

Hilton hotels are among the most luxurious performers in the industry. In a recent report from global research firm Millward Brow Healthcare, the company received a 5-star rating, placing Hilton among the top luxury hotels out there.

Their brand is international and recognized across the globe. Originally created in 1919 by Conrad Hilton, Hilton Worldwide (the company behind Hilton Hotels & Resorts) has more than 4,000 hotels in over 100 countries.

Many people find themselves getting lost in the user-friendly features of the suites available at the hotel, with amenities like living rooms, kitchens, and game rooms. These amenities make it easy to think of the accommodations as home away from home.

Hilton hotels would be considered the "most luxurious" because they offer their guests stay in one of their own 5 star hotels and resorts, complete with amazing facilities and services that exceed even the most demanding traveler's expectations.
Hilton hotels are just one hotel chain in a sea of luxury resorts.

Yes, Hilton hotels are among the most luxurious. Hilton's rates fall in between other major chains like Sheraton, Marriott, and Best Western.

There are many other quality hotels out there, but Hilton hotels are indeed very nice. Their amenities are impressive- they have high-speed WiFi, DVD players, spacious bedrooms with comfortable amenities, and other luxuries.

The Hilton Hotel chain does not specialize in any particular type of luxury, they feature various themes to fit various preferences. 
Typical rooms are standard, midrange, or premium so anyone looking for luxury ought to know what the standards are before they book.

Hilton Worldwide ranks #6 globally for best luxury hotel provider based on the study consisting of 240 luxury hotels, apparently including single-occupancy hotels, hotels with private banking, concierge services, high-end shops, spas, high-end casino, night clubs, ice rink etc.

Fact: Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc., is a multinational hospitality holding company that owns 10 hotel brands comprising over 3,700 properties with more than 843,000 rooms in 103 different countries and territories.

One of the great thing about many of these hotels is the exceptional casino located on the property for guests to enjoy all-day and night. Their accommodations are top-notch with deluxe amenities, an onsite fitness center, and more; guests enjoy excellent service.
The Hilton family of hotels offer a world of surroundings and plans with personalized service straight from their suite of accommodations.

Every Hilton™ hotel is a nice place to stay. Not only do they offer quality amenities, but a Hilton™ hotel stay comes with a promise of a better night's sleep. Their beds come with a pillow top mattress and adjustable base that lets you sleep in comfort.

There's something to be said for a five star experience, and there's nobody who knows hotels like them (we're talking birthdays, reunions, vacations . . . really, any celebration). With 500,000 team members globally and 3 global brands, they offer countless locations and unforgettable stays.

These hotels are an internationally renowned hotel chain that has built its success on being all about service. They invest much time and money into ensuring that the service provided is out of this world. Hilton hotels are known for their room features much more than bigger hotels. Rooms are much higher quality and are plain white with amazing amenities.

Monday, December 31, 2018

North Sydney Harbourview Hotel

The North Sydney Harbourview Hotel Is One Of The Nicer Ones

Sydney Harbour Marriot Hotel at Circular Quay

The Sydney Harbour Marriot Is One Of Our Top Hotels


The Shangri-La Is Gorgeous!

Shangri La is one of the most famous hotels in Asia. Started by famous architect, Pierre Jeanneret, in 1973, Shangri La plays host to some famous guests year after year. From Lady Gaga to Stephanie Tubbs Jones, world-renowned celebrities love to spend their time at this beautiful hotel.

The Shangri La Hotel chain offers a personal, luxurious yet down-to-earth, and intimate experience.(ref) With a primary focus on the luxury lodge, the hotel consistently earns a Forbes star rating of either Four or Five.

It is an iconic, five-star hotel group with lodgings in more than thirty destinations around the world. This international hotel group also consists of Nobel Prize-winning restaurants and bars, the world's highest bar and infinity pools, luxury spa treatments, and integrated WiFi.

The Shangri-La are five-star hotels located all around the world making them one of the most international hotel chains in the world. 
They are located in the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, China, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Malaysia, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Turkey.

Shangri-La offers the very best 5 Star service, tailored to the worlds most discerning travellers. With 74 distinctive hotels in 28 countries, spanning six continents, Shangri-La delivers well-appointed accommodations, exquisite restaurants, well-designed meeting space, holistic spa programs, and impeccable personal service.

They offer many advantages.

The Shangri La's are among the nicest hotels in the world. They are strategically located around the globe, are superbly designed, have impeccable hygiene, are associated with people of power and influence, are not too expensive, are perfect for family vacations, are the perfect starting point for tours into unknown territory that are filled with adventurous things to do.

It is one of the most well-established hotel brands worldwide that you'll find, and there are plenty of reasons for this. One of our favorites is that they're values-driven without ever taking the comfort level down a notch. 

As one of the world's most expensive hotels, their attention to detail is top-notch and reflects the hotel's efforts to make guests feel like royalty.

They are known for their spectacular architecture, hospitality, art, and spa. It is an anchor of the newly created Wolongpamenh District in Chengdu in the People's Republic of China. One of the main draws of this hotel in Chengdu is the stunning architecture of this five-star luxury hotel.

I stayed at the Shangri La the night before I left on my business trip to China. They are so nice, letting me print my flight information before I left. The staff gave me tips about where to find some good running routes, cautioned me to be careful with food, and helped me find a doctor.

The first hotel opened in 1985 to coincide with the release of the film Tiger Cage, then closed shortly afterwards. The hotel reopened in July 2002 as the Shangri La Hotel, drawing customers first to its tropical environment before shifting gears to provide nurturing hospitality.

Some of the nicest things about the Shangri-la hotel are how there is no additional charge for children under 18 along with you, they provide toiletries at the bathroom, they give newlywed couples the newlywed package which includes stays for just $10 USD per night on top of that if travelers purchase travel insurance then they will receive compensation for hotel services that are unavailable

This hotel is one of the most celebrated hotels in the world. They deem themselves as a luxury hotel with impeccable service and attention to every detail. One of the things that they exemplify most is that they want you to always feel at home.